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PD for Working Teachers, Parts 1 - 6 (APD1011B)

Course Description

The course is designed to increase the student’s competence as a teacher. The course (of the 6 Parts) will use a combination of resources available via EES’s on-demand, online library of best teaching practices.  By registering for 1 credit (per Part) the student is obligating himself/herself to achieving improved teaching competency by:

  1. providing rationale for the path(s) selected,
  2. assessing one’s own current competency,
  3. monitoring one’s own improving competency, and
  4. developing a plan to continue the improvement of one’s own teaching competencies.

The student, in order to increase teaching competency via a combination of practice, modeling, and training, will:

  • use EES’s and CDE’s resources, including best teaching practices video clips;
  • participate in discussions with fellow teachers on topics of concern;
  • self-reflect about the skills desired and those the student may acquire;
  • develop a self- assessment of teaching competencies; and
  • solicit and apply an external assessment of current competence, via
    • an assessment of the student’s self-reflection, or
    • a directed assessment of competence

by a minimum of two external sources – a supervisor, a peer, a student, the PD course instructor, or an individual of the student’s choosing.

The goal is to improve the student’s functionality as a teacher, not a deeper understanding of teaching.  A deeper understanding is likely to occur; but that is not the focus.

One credit is assigned per Part (PD for Working Teachers:  Parts 1-6 is comprised of 6 Parts; the equivalent of 6 individual one credit courses).   Each part must include 15 hours of verified work.


Upon completion of the course (each of the 6 Parts) the student will:

  • Identify those areas of his/her teaching performance that need correction or improvement.
  • Construct a plan for correction and/or improvement that utilizes EES resources.
  • Utilize the EES website to complete his/her planned correction and/or improvement.
  • Write self-assessments of corrections and improvements applied in his/her classroom(s).

How to enroll

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Note: This course will be available starting June 1, 2013.
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