Chromebook Tips

Required Chromebook User Skills

Chromebook users should be knowledgeable of the following six best practices that can be performed with any Chromebook. Knowing these will help you navigate most situations in your online course. Knowing these six practices is a must if you are going to interact with Windows and Mac users in the online world.


How to fill and save a PDF assignment using Google Drive

  1. Open Assignment
  2. Complete Assignment
  3. Click Print button
  4. Click Change button
  5. Select Save as PDF
  6. Click Save
  7. Name Assignment
  8. Click Save button


How a PDF file can be converted to a Google Doc




How a Google Doc can be converted to a PDF file




How a Google Doc can be converted to a MS Word file




How to share a file in your Google Drive with your instructor by submitting or emailing a link




How to take a screenshot of part or all of your computer screen


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