Course Map

Course Map

  • The Course Map offers a view of your entire course structure (Units/Topics/Lessons/Activities).
  • You are not able to participate in any of the activities beyond the lesson you are currently working.
  • You must finish activities in the sequence they are listed. You can go back to previous lessons and review information before a quiz, test or cumulative exam.


Course Navigation

  • The course navigation section is found on the left side of the Course Map. The course activities contained within a lesson are found on the right side of the Course Map.
  • Notice that activities you have completed will appear in green and contain a checkmark to the left of the activity name.
  • The activity you should currently be working on will appear in blue. You may link directly to them from this area.
  • Future activities will appear in gray and may not be accessed until you have successfully finished all previous activities.


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