Unit Tests

At the end of each Unit of the course there is a Unit Test Review. Once you have completed this review you will contact your NDCDE teacher who will check your understanding. You must contact your teacher via email, phone or Blackboard Collaborate.

  • eNotes are NOT allowed on Tests
  • Unit Tests are locked until your NDCDE teacher opens it.
  • Your NDCDE teacher will not open a Unit Test unless you have contacted him or her for approval.
  • Unit Tests must be taken in the presence of your Exam Administrator.
  • You must schedule a time to take the test with your Exam Administrator.
  • The Exam Administrator will submit a verification form stating that the test was completed under their supervision.
  • If a verification form is not received by your NDCDE teacher the test is invalid.

You will need to communicate with your teacher to verify whether you are ready for the test as the Unit Test is locked until the teacher opens it. Once your teacher has opened the test you need to contact your Exam Administrator and schedule a time to take the test.

Your Exam Administrator must be present the entire time you are taking the test. He/She will need to submit a verification that the entire test was completed under their supervision. If this isn’t done, the test is invalid and you will have to redo the test. Please contact your teacher if you need further clarification. 



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