Video Instruction


Master teachers explore and explain the topic while a slideshow runs concurrently in the same window to give you a visual representation of what the teacher is discussing.

Move back and forth through the frames by clicking on the Next or Back arrows at the bottom of the frame. The number of small squares at the bottom indicates how many frames are in the activity.

You may pause, rewind and stop playback in order to take eNotes or review at your own pace. For activities that incorporate audio instructions, you are able to replay the audio portion as needed. When viewing a video for the second time, you may also fast-forward so that you can review only the information you wish to view again.

Most videos also offer a closed captioning option, which can be toggled on or off with the CC button.

  • If you need to exit the Virtual Classroom (because the bell rings or for some other reason) and you have not finished watching the entire video, be sure to click the home button in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • If you close out of the browser window before clicking the home button, your place in the video may not be saved and the next time you log into that course you may have to watch the video again from the beginning.


Some lessons will include a Summary at the end of the Instruction. The Summary will:

  • Review important concepts from the lesson
  • Revisit and answer the lesson question
  • Encourage you to think further about a topic

This is a good chance to ensure that you have captured all the important information in your eNotes. 


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