Warm Up

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Warm Up

Many lessons begin with an activity called Warm-Up. This activity sets the stage for the lesson. Depending on the lesson, you might be reviewing skills from a previous grade, learning about the background of a text you are going to read, reflecting on an interesting question, and/or making some predictions. You will also likely learn some important vocabulary words for the lesson.


Some lessons have a vocabulary activity instead of the warm-up.

The number of vocabulary words will vary in length depending on the lesson.

  • Type the vocabulary word into the Type the Word field.
  • Once the word is typed correctly, in the Definition section, click the Play button to hear the definition read aloud.    
  • If a Usage and Example section also appears, you can click the Play button to hear the vocabulary word used in a sentence.
  • Click the Next Word button to continue to the next word.
  • Click the Submit button to submit the activity, once you have completed all the words.



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