Vision, Mission and Values


The ND Center for Distance Education believes that intelligent use of educational technology can transform the effectiveness of student learning, teacher methods, and administrator decision-making.


The NDCDE's mission is to ensure that all North Dakota middle and high school students regardless of location have access to educational opportunities that meet or exceed expectations for

  • the quality of curriculum,
  • ongoing contact time with highly qualified teachers,
  • the selection and use of suitable educational technology,
  • monitoring course delivery efficiency and effectiveness, and
  • student learning.


  • Student learning
    • CDE strives at all times to understand current and future student learning needs and respond to them.
  • Leadership
    • CDE believes that teaching provides a key component to all types and methods of leadership.
  • Involvement of people
    • CDE believes that the full involvement of all people enables their individual and collective abilities to be used for the organization's benefit.
  • Processes
    • CDE applies the process-based approach because a desired result can be achieved efficiently and effectively using the process approach.
  • Connections
    • CDE is convinced the highest level of effectiveness and efficiency is achieved by identifying, understanding, and managing the connections between processes.
  • Continual improvement
    • Every member of CDE is responsible for continually improving CDE's products, services, processes, and system.
  • Factual approach to decision-making
    • CDE knows that effective decisions are based on analysis of data and information, not conjecture.
  • Mutually beneficial supplier relationships
    • CDE firmly believes it and its suppliers are interdependent; a mutually beneficial relationship enhances the ability of both to add value.

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