College Lab for English and Math (CLEM)


NDCDE has worked with Pearson Learning (publisher of “MyFoundationsLab”) to help develop an online program designed to assist students prepare for and/or improve their ACT test scores.  Unlike most test prep programs, this is much more than a few practice tests and a testing acclimation tool.  “MyFoundationsLab” is a comprehensive program that is aligned with the ACT exam (the version developed and to be applied by NDCDE is ACT aligned – there are MyFoundationsLab versions for other high-stakes college entrance tests as well). 
MyFoundationsLab is a program that makes use of the latest in online technology, including front end diagnostic testing, multiple types of formative testing, several types of interactivity, help with pacing, ACT practice tests, and access to and guidance provided by an NDCDE teacher.


  • CLEM is a self-paced learning program that is completed online prior to attending college that will eliminate a college applicant’s being placed into college remediation courses for Math and English.
  • CLEM utilizes a customized version of the web-based software MyFoundationsLab (MFL) specifically developed for K-12 students seeking to increase their knowledge and skills to thereby achieve college-accepted mastery of Math and/or English.
  • CLEM is totally individualized and completely online.
  • CLEM’s completion time is up to the student – spend more time and reach mastery faster!


College Lab for English and Math
North Dakota Price (Fee Per Student - Online Only - Schools Only - ½ Credit) $100

 $ 0.00