Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Is NDCDE currently open?
Answer: Yes. At this time, NDCDE is currently in operation. Our courses, teachers, and support are available to our students, parents, and schools. Many of our staff members work remotely and will continue to do so.

Question: Is NDCDE’s On-Campus Testing Site open?
Answer: Yes. As a measure to keep our customers and employees healthy, we have limited testing hours with one appointment available per hour. Check our On-Campus Test Scheduling page for available appointment dates and times.

Question: Can we still enroll students in NDCDE courses?
Answer: Yes. NDCDE is accepting student enrollments in any of our online courses available in our online store.

Question: How can a school add additional exam administrators to assist in proctoring exams and monitoring student progress?
Answer: Exam administrators can be changed, replaced, or added at any time by a school. Please complete the Exam Administrator Exam Change Form if they are not currently their student’s exam administrator, but would like to be.

Question: Can parents of homeschool or NDCDE diploma program students be allowed to serve as exam administrators?
Answer: If a student is homeschooled or enrolled in NDCDE’s diploma program, parents/guardians are already permitted to serve as exam administrators (EA). Parents of homeschool & diploma program students may complete the Exam Adminisatrator Exam Change Form if they are not currently their student’s exam administrator, but would like to be.

Question: Can parents of students who are affiliated with (attend) a local school serve as exam administrators?
Answer: The local school must provide us with permission for parents to serve as exam administrators. NDCDE has reached out to all local school with which we currently work regarding this issue. We kindly ask that you please be patient while we are awaiting responses, as schools are working tirelessly preparing both short and long-term academic plans.

Question: If North Dakota schools are closed by executive order, will schools be able to use NDCDE’s online curriculum to be taught by the local instructors?
Answer: NDCDE currently has a Local Virtual Model (LVM) available to North Dakota schools that would like to provide online instructional and curricular resources. To learn more about this opportunity, please contact NDCDE’s State Director, Dr. Matthew Lonn at

Question: My school is closed; I do not have the resources at home to continue working in my NDCDE course online; what should I do?
Answer: Schools are working hard to make plans and accommodations for students, both short and long-term. Please be patient while your school determines the best way to handle these and other situations. We recommend that you stay informed of your local school district’s decisions by accessing their chosen method of communication.

Question: Can NDCDE diploma program students acquire extensions due to COVID-19?
Answer: NDCDE’s diploma program students will not receive extensions due to the COVID-19 virus. If your student has been affected in such a way that he/she is not able to work in a course for a period of time (usually more than 2 weeks) please reach out to the Academic Adviser or the Director of Guidance and Counseling

Question: If my student is enrolled in an NDCDE Advanced Placement (AP) course, how will my student take the AP exam and earn high school course credit?
Answer: As always, students will need to work with their local schools to make arrangements to take the AP exam, which will cover a reduced amount of material this year. Click Here to visit the AP Central webpage to learn more about exam changes. NDCDE does not coordinate or oversee AP exams. Although the AP exam will cover a reduced amount of material, it is essential that students still complete the entire AP course curriculum to earn the high school credit and to be prepared for the next level of collegiate instruction.

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