College Lab for English and Math (CLEM)

What Is It?

CLEM is a self-paced learning program that utilizes a customized version of the web-based software MyFoundationsLab (MFL) specifically developed for K-12 students seeking to increase their Math and English knowledge and skills. The student’s development is self-paced and customized to the individual student to increase knowledge and skills, and is aligned with ACT and Acuplacer Tests.

How Does It Work?

The CLEM program is not like most development courses or college entrance exam preparatory courses. It is totally individualized. It does not focus on test-taking preparation and skills. The focus of CLEM is to help a student achieve mastery of Math and/or English concepts and applications that comprise the knowledge and skills expected of college freshman. CLEM is designed as a self-paced program. CLEM first assesses a student’s level of knowledge in the area to be studied – Math and/or English. Based on that assessment a ‘learning path’ is created for the student. The learning path is comprised of interactive exercises that either assist the student review concepts that may be have become rusty over time, or assist the student gain mastery of new knowledge and skills. Learning is assessed by CLEM on an ongoing basis. Students are invited to move to the next set of concepts and applications after they have achieved mastery over the current set. Mastery is assessed in each set and for the course at 70%.

What Are The Benefits?

  • CLEM can provide a means to achieve Choice Readiness targets.
  • 70% Mastery achieved in units 1-6 English (Writing) and 1-16 Math eliminates remediation at college regardless of ACT Test score.
  • Higher score on an ACT or WorkKeys retake (if a student chooses to retake either test).
  • A higher probability of completing a college degree (only 1 in 10 finish with a degree of those who begin college in remediation).
  • Reduced college costs ($1,000 / college remediation course vs. $139 for CLEM).
  • Access to Math and English teachers, technical experts and advice provided by NDCDE.
What Does CLEM (College Lab for English and Math) Cost?
Service Fee
1 Year Complete Access Per Student $139.00

After You Enroll?

You will receive an email once your order has been processed providing you with CLEM log in directions and course information, including how to access help should you need help getting started. The status and results of your CLEM work is automatically captured in a report format by CLEM and is monitored by NDCDE and accessible to you. Upon completion of the course(s) you will be issued a Mastery Report, which can be used to provide verification to the ND college(s) of your choice, that you have completed the course(s) at the required mastery level for Math and/or English, and therefore, are exempt from college remediation.

How to Enroll

Active enrollment for this course is from June 8, 2018 - June 8, 2019. After June 8, 2019 access to the course will cease for all students. A new course and active enrollment window will be made available after June 8, 2019. Please contact the NDCDE at (701) 298-4832 for additional information.

To enroll in the CLEM program please click the link below.

Link to CLEM Registration Form

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