Innovative Approaches

Innovative Approaches to School Management and Leadership

Locating the most recent trends in education is not a difficult task, but do those trends provide a solution for your students and school? Here, at NDCDE, we make a promise to improve and optimize any area within your organization. Whether you are considering implementing brain-based learning into the classroom, improving the culture in your school, or making changes for accreditation—partnering with NDCDE’s school management and leadership experts to ensure you acquire the most effective solution to meet the needs of your students and your school.

Our Approach

Our experts use a variety of methods and tools ranging from using Six Sigma and Baldrige Educational Standards to implementing Cause and Effect diagramming and Root Cause Analysis.


  • Identifying Student and Parent Expectations
  • Documenting Work Tasks and Processes
  • Defining Work Task Ownership
  • Identifying Work Handoffs
  • Developing Measures for Organizational Performance
  • How to Lead by Stewardship
  • Proper Allocation of Organizational Authority and Resources
  • Implementation of Project Management
  • …..and so much more!

Our Process

  • Define - What problem do you need to fix? This phase includes a project focus that aligns with the organization’s mission and vision
  • Measure - How is your organization performing? The measure phase will determine baseline data to determine current performance.
  • Analyze - What is the root cause of the problem? Many times our assumptions prove to be incorrect.
  • Improve - Implement and develop solutions to the root cause of the problem that was identified.
  • Control - Sustainability is key to ensuring that an organization continuously improves.

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