School Online Course Readiness Checklist

Communication Made with All Stakeholders has Included the Following

  • Why the district is offering the course online.
  • The location(s) students will be expected to work on their online course.
  • How often students will be expected to work on their online course.
  • Local individual who will be a facilitator for the students.
  • Who is responsible for managing student/parent technology concerns?

Qualifications of On-site Personnel Working with Kids

  • Moderate level of comfort with technology.
  • Can build positive relationships with students
  • Is approachable by students.
  • Moderate to high comfort level with ambiguity in a classroom.
  • Can maintain at least moderate comfort level when faced with problems or questions they might not know the answer to.
  • Has demonstrated an ability to problem solve

Online Learning Room

  • A comfortable atmosphere where students feel safe to work quietly individually or quietly with a partner if they choose.
  • Room allows access to computers or laptops via wi-fi or hardline internet connection.
  • Room has adequate power supply for devices.
  • Implementation of flex seating (standing work stations, areas to work on the floor, tables, and chairs, unique seating, etc..)

Technology Requirements

  • School technology coordinator confirming onsite computer lab meets NDCDE's computer requirements for taking online courses -
  • Student email accounts have been created and students are able to access their email accounts before course enrollment
  • If your school employs strict web filtering, please email with a list of courses you will be enrolling your students in. NDCDE will provide you with a list of websites/domains that must be allowed/whitelisted.
  • Adequate Network Bandwidth -

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